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How to select good electrically operated spindle press

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-03-11      Origin: Site

 Since long, the pressure forming uses the device widely to use the friction press, this computer friction loss is big, the energy consumption is big, the efficiency is low, the strength can the error be big, the hitting power check is inaccurate, the workpiece qualified rate is low, the manpower cost is high. How to select an energy conservation environmental protection to suit own press, the Qingdao knowledgeable forging and stamping machinery Limited company recommends for you. As early as the friction press namely is included in 1999 by the country “elimination backwardness productivity, the craft and the product catalog (the first batch)”, requires to eliminate immediately compulsorily. In view of the fact that this our team has researched and developed with the switch magnetic resistance velocity modulation system actuation spindle press' method, the rotational speed which reverses and stops through the numerical control electrical machinery, the numerical control spindle press movement and the attack energy, and have designed the complete machine structure. Indicated after the experiment that this spiral pressure function satisfies the different energy and the speed requirement, has implemented device's numerical control. The switch magnetic resistance velocity modulation type numerical control spindle press, overcame the existing friction spindle press not to be able the numerical control, the efficiency to be low, the coupling type spindle press needed the hydraulic pressure return trip, the traditional electrically operated spindle press starting moment are small, the electric current was big, the flaw which had a fever, was one kind of structure is simple, the cost was low, the efficiency was high, the movement and the attack energy might the flexible numerical control spindle press, suitably in many kinds of materials, many kinds of crafts and many kinds of energy of deformation processing demand. This kind of spindle press have solved the technical difficult problem which this domain solves with difficulty since long, may use in this category of device's energy conservation transformation, the numerical control and the informationization transformation update. The switch magnetic resistance electric motor's uses the switch magnetic resistance electrical machinery on press use switch magnetic resistance numerical control spindle press to take the dynamic system, needs makes the corresponding modification according to the switch magnetic resistance electrical machinery's characteristic regarding the transmission and the control system, the complete machine structure by the switch magnetic resistance electrical machinery, the belt transmission, the flywheel, the screw rod, the nut, the slide, the brake and the fuselage is composed. Because the switch magnetic resistance electrical machinery can stop frequently and is reversing, gets up stops the speed to be quick, and the starting moment is big, the initial firing current is small, the friction press may remove the double friction disc, the coupling type spindle press may remove the coupling and the raising mechanism.

 Chooses the friction press, the electrically operated spindle press, the pressure forging press please recognize the knowledgeable forging and stamping machinery, the brand is bigger, the mass is better.

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